Please keep the following Boarding Policy in mind when planning to board your cat: 


Admission and Discharge  

Cats will only be admitted and discharged during regular office hours.  We ask that you bring your cat two hours before close, to allow us time to get your cat settled before the clinic closes.  


*The release form allowing us to treat your cat in case of illness must be signed before we accept the responsibility for your cat.

Payment is expected at time of discharge.

Vaccination Requirements 

Your cat must be up to date on Rabies, Feline Panleukopenia, Rhino, & Calici (FVRCP) Vaccinations. Vaccinations which are due will be administered while boarding.


If external or internal parasites are suspected, tests may be performed and treatment administered at the owner's expense.  Treatment may involve oral or topical application of flea medications, or injections or oral medication for internal parasites.


Unless otherwise requested, Metro Cat Clinic will provide Purina Hairball Management dry and various Fancy Feast canned foods.  If your cat requires a prescription food, you may bring it.  If you do not bring the needed prescription food, we will either provide a Ziploc-size bag of the needed food or open a new bag, both at owner's expense.  Prescription canned food will be at owner's expense if not provided.


If your cat is currently taking medication, please bring it with you when you drop off your pet.  There is a charge for administering medication while boarding.


Healthy cats are not kept in the same wards as cats with transmissible illnesses.  If a cat becomes ill, it will be moved away from healthy cats.  However, healthy cats may be asymptomatic carriers of airborne viruses to which other cats could be exposed.  We will take every precaution to protect your cat and will begin treatment should your cat become ill.

We have large and small boarding cages, condos, runs, and rooms.
These are the Condos for boarding
These are the runs for boarding.
An example of one of our boarding rooms
An example of one of our boarding rooms.