This is a cute example of a Persian cut with a ball tail


Metro Cat Clinic offers a full spectrum of grooming services.  All grooms include a free nail trim and anal gland expression if needed.  We offer full Persian clips, Lion Cuts, and for those who just want the minimum, we shave bellies and the "potty trail" around the rear end.  We can leave your cat with a full tail, or the popular ball on the end of the tail.

As we pride ourselves in a stress free environment for the cats, we do recommend sedation for these procedures for most cats, while very few individuals tolerate these procedures with ease.  

To take advantage of our grooming services, your cat must be up to date on its vaccines.  If the cat is over the age of 8 years old, we require pre-anesthetic blood work.  We always recommend blood work prior to sedation on cats under 8 years of age, but it is optional.

Contact us today and we can schedule your groom appointment!