Meet Our Team!

Our clinic cat, Nigel, showing off his glorious whiskers
Our clnic cat, Anne, who poses like sheis the most important cat in the world

Dr. Montgomery graduated from Auburn Veterinary School of Medicine in 1983.  Starting at Metro Cat Clinic in 2001 as a relief vet, she purchased the clinic in April of 2007.  She remains active in professional associations, serving twice as the President of the Jefferson County Veterinary Medical Association.  Dr. Montgomery is an involved artist and a valued member of the Bunko group, the Holy Rollers.  She and her husband, ET, have two grown sons and a daughter-in-law whom all live in Nashville, Tennessee.  

When Dr. Montgomery was asked why she enjoys being a vet, she responded, "I love putting puzzles together and problem solving.  I am fascinated by what makes another being different."

Dr, Montgomery's favorite quote is Colassians 3:23, "Whatever you do, do your work heartily as for the Lord rather than for man."  She also loves the quote, "An eating cat is a surviving cat."

The Montgomery's animal family includes a cat, two dogs and a parrot.

Veterinarian, Practice Manager & Owner

Caroline Montgomery, DVM

Dr. Wilson with Franklin.jpg

Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Willson met their Freshman year in college and remained friends throughout vet school.  Dr. Wilson attended Auburn University attaining a BS in Animal and Dairy Science then graduating Veterinary School in 1983.  She owned her own practice for seventeen years before joining Metro Cat Clinic.  Dr. Wilson is a current member of the Jefferson County Veterinary Medical Association and currently teaches anatomy and physiology for home school students.  For the last 39 years, Dr. Willson has been happily married to Bobby Wilson, DVM.  They have four children and one grandson.  

When Dr. Wilson was asked why she enjoys being a veterinarian, she responded, "Every day is different.  This is not a boring job.  There is always new research and a better way of caring for cats.  I enjoy the challenge of diagnosis and constantly learning.  I also love helping people and teaching them how to care for their feline family."

Dr. Wilson feels the best part about working at Metro Cat Clinic is our clientele who allow us to practice best medicine for their feline friends.  Her favorite quote is Proverbs 12:10 "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal."  

The Wilson's animal family includes two Labrador Retrievers, one Bichon Frise, one cat and four peacocks.


Laura Wilson, DVM

Jasmine grew up in Homewood with cats, many who were rescued ferals from the neighborhood. She graduated from Auburn University with s double-major in Psychology and Social Work. After graduating, she moved to Washington DC where she worked at the Humane Society. Jasmine has been working as a vet assistant since 2016.

To be closer to family, she moved back to Birmingham in 2019.

She currently resides with two male cats, Kiddy and Pharaoh, and a Pembrooke Welsh Corgi named Ziggy.

Receptionist/Vet Assistant

Jasmine Hortberge


​Kathy started in wildlife rehabilitation, then worked in a small mixed animal/exotic veterinary practice before coming to Metro Cat Clinic in 1996.  She enjoys her work both from the medical aspect and for the opportunity she has to give hands-on TLC to all our patients.  In addition, she also does pet sitting focusing on animals with special needs and requiring medical attention.  Kathy shares her home with a pride of little 'lions', all of whom enrich her life on a daily basis.

Veterinary Assistant

Kathy Hermanson

Maria spends all of her time caring for animals of some species, whether by profession or volunteering.  She spends her weekends as a manager at Special Equestrians as well as house sitting and dog walking services. She started here at MCC as a Cat Butler and was promoted to the Veterinary Assistant position after illustrating incredible talent and care.  She has become a pilar in our care team.  Maria graduated from The University of Montevallo with a degree in math.

Veterinary Assistant

Maria Smith

Andrea Bliss.jpg

​Andrea graduated from the University of Montevallo and has been with the clinic for many years.  She has worked in feline rescue for over a decade and is a wealth of knowledge on kittens and ferals. 

We are blessed to have Andrea on our team on Saturdays as she spends her weekly time working in human medicine.


Andrea Bliss

MarkAdam brings his unique skill-set to the multi-faceted position of Receptionist at Metro Cat Clinic. When not being the Receptionist, MarkAdam is writing a book and is also the creator and editor of The Anvil, an award-winning monthly Star Trek newsletter. 

MarkAdam is married to Brenda Miller, our head Cat Butler.


MarkAdam Miller

​Charlotte started working at Metro Cat Clinic in 1990.  She is simply invaluable and the cats in our care adore her.  She is also the main caretaker of our feral cat family living mainly behind our building complex.  Charlotte lives with her mother and three cats and considers the birds in her backyard part of her pet family.  She loves fairies, rainbows, and the color purple.

Cat Butler

Charlotte Grant


Brenda has a BS in Biology from Bethany Nazarene College in 1975.  She is the Chief Editor of  a local fan club newsletter and is happily married to her husband, Mark Miller.  They have two cats in their home, Gracie and Worf.  Brenda enjoys knitting and has a vast collection of elephants.

Cat Butler

Brenda Miller