Respect Your Cat Day!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Why do I feel like this is a backwards holiday?

Shouldn't this be "Respect your People Day"? I am trying to think of all of the ways this should be Respect Your People Day?

Anne is certain that every day is a celebration of her presence!

Pictured is Anne napping purposefully on paperwork we are trying to finish. Let me ask you something. Does she look concerned in the least we may disrespect her? No. No she doesn't.

However, if you were to ask Nigel about Respect your Cat Day, he'd fill you full of stories about how the world is not revolving around him wholly enough.

There is rarely a cat as self-worshiping and demanding to be worshipped as Nigel is!

You walk past him in the hall and he growls ungratefully that you have interrupted his stroll through the clinic.

I guess, technically speaking, in the clinic, We will dedicate this Respect Your Cat Day to Nigel. Perhaps Sir Nigel Cromwell Fairchild Montgomery should be fed sardines while being fanned on his lounge.

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